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News: Full Set Leak of SM8a 'Dark Order'

The newest Japanese Pokemon TCG set, Dark Order, has been fully-leaked online by the official company. These early leaks have become a tradition for a while because it allows competitive players to study each card's attributes in preparation for their next tournaments. Dark Order itself is a spin-off set that focuses on Dark, Metal and Lightning Pokemon, and includes several highly playable cards that support those Types.
Thanks to the helpful translators at, we can understand the effects of each newly-leaked card. You can take this link yourself to see everything the set has to offer:
I don't want to include the translations of the cards themselves belong to the translators at Pokebeach, and they deserve the web traffic for putting in the hard work. But I do have a few quick thoughts on some of the more noteworthy cards:
-AmpharosGX is an extremely powerful new attacker that can easily score 180 damage …
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SM Mini-Set Review: Dragon Majesty

Dragon Majesty is a new bonus set released on September 7th. The set is an import of Japan's SM6a Dragon Storm and primarily features Dragon Pokemon, as well as Fire and Water Pokemon. Like the Shining Legends subset before it, Dragon Majesty packs can only be purchased through promotional boxes and its Elite Trainer Box, which makes it harder to find than other sets. To compensate for this, each pack is guaranteed to include a Holo Rare, and Ultra Rares are much more common compared to most sets.

Out of Dragon Majesty's cards, I'd say only a small amount of them are good right now, but there are plenty of unique and playable ideas the set offers that could contribute to future decks as they release. Just as I used to, I'll be reviewing cards in order of playability, starting at the top and working my way to the bottom.

A-Rank cards (Good cards)

Victini <> (Prism Star)

Victini's role in Fire decks is simple: jump into play quickly, use Infinity to deal high damag…

Card-Of-The-Day: The Regi Family (Crimson Invasion 28, 53, 68, 84)

Regigigas's face looks like a cable port on an old television

The Regi Family: A trio of Legendary giants from the Hoenn region, followed by its leader, Regigigas, from the Sinnoh region. They don't have the same broad popularity as other Legendaries because they lack that domesticated animal appearance that makes people cling to Pokemon like pets, but they still have a strong cult following in the community.  Within the TCG, the Regi Family usually appears as a group in sets (though there are exceptions, such as Next Destinies and Fates Collide), and today's pairing comes from SM4 Crimson Invasion.

Regigigas 84 is the ringleader of this set's Regi Family, and the main attacker in a Regi Family deck. Regigigas boasts a massive 180HP, the largest amount on a Basic 1-Prize Pokemon so far, and the default amount for most Basic Pokemon-EX and GX cards. For 1-Prize standards, it's a great amount, but in hindsight, is just 50HP more than the 1-Prize average, 130. A good …

Card Of The Day: Salazzle (Ultra Prism 26)

I'm so absolutely salty from the fact Salazzle runs a harem and it hasn't appeared in a card yet

Today's card is the Fire-Type Salazzle from Ultra Prism. Not counting the Promo versions of Salazzle-GX and Salazzle from Crimson Invasion, this is the fourth Salazzle card to be printed in the Sun & Moon series. Considering that the Sun & Moon arc only began in 2017, it's shocking how Salazzle has already appeared four times, and a fifth print is on the way in Dragon Majesty. It's an understandable decision since Salazzle is fairly popular, but equally weird because most of them have only been somewhat playable. Likewise, this Salazzle's strong damage output becomes lessened by the hurdles you have to jump in order to reach them.

     Salazzle has 110HP, Water Weakness, and a single Retreat Cost. 110 isn't that much in our current meta, as almost every Basic attacker has a way to deal that much damage in a single hit. At most, you may survive a Sledgehamm…


Hey there Pokemon TCG fans, it's Jax. There's a high chance you probably remember me from my old blog, Pokemon TCG Headquarters, or from one of my social media accounts. Even if you haven't heard of me before, welcome. This is Jax's Workshop, a small-scale blog dedicated to discussing the competitive Pokemon Trading Card Game.
I'll keep this introduction short: For the moment, new posts will appear roughly once or twice a week, depending on my schedule at school and at home. I don't have nearly as much free time as I used to when I wrote for TCGHQ. To compensate for this, I'd like to put extra care and attention to what I write for the Workshop; with such a small amount of time to bring you all new content, it's only fair to make sure whatever I do post is an interesting read to all of you.
For the next few weeks, I'll primarily be covering individual cards in Card-Of-The-Day review posts. Unlike before, CotD's will span not just single cards, …